Back In The Day...weezer, goldfinger, videoshoots, and lots of sake.

Pics from the studio in Chicago...

Vintage Pic from the video shoot with all the players...(with Johnny playing the part of MikeyV)

Where are they now? well, Milam is a home owner and still crews for 'REEl BIG Fish'. Chase lives in Houston and still plays the drums. Johnny joined the army and is still enlisted to this day. Mikey from Weezer left the band right before they hit mega-stardom...don't know what that guy is doing now. Charlie Palson was booted from the'Finger and then rejoined some time later. Trip had a son..he may have more by now. anyone's guess. Is Godzilla Motor Co. still around? I don't know. Aces is in Ireland. Chilly was in L.A. for a bit, but know I don't know. EWP was in L.A. and is now back in Austin and turned 40, but you'd never know it. Evan Dickson is a wheeler/dealer in Hollywood. look for his werewolf movie to come out anytime now. Mikey V is a trailer tycoon and heir to a palacial estate in Greece. Shneider is still the greatest drummer in any band. Chad is surfing in Costa Rica currently. Mark is in Austin, musicing and racing triathalons. Poor George was hit by a car and killed instantly.